Successfully Completed! “Year of the Monkey” outdoor show at London China Town 送羊迎猴 「華埠慶新春」完滿成功 - Spectrum Chinese Programme -

Successfully Completed! “Year of the Monkey” outdoor show at London China Town 送羊迎猴 「華埠慶新春」完滿成功


Spectrum Radio is absolutely delighted to have celebrated Chinese New Year with many Londoners and tourists this year on the 14th February . Despite the cold weather, it has been one of the best and most responsive outdoor shows since! Many thanks to the fun and wowing performances, also big thanks to the large energetic crowd of audience! 



是次活動主要是由華人青年廣播計劃本屆和歷屆學員們策劃和演出。感謝「師兄」StevenHugoEric,秉承了華人青年廣播計劃薪火相傳的精神,特意抽空來臨,並分別打扮成財神、猴子和年獸,為觀眾帶來了很多歡樂!亦感謝「師姐」Clare,當日她擔任  Stage Manager,打點台前幕後一切,辛苦了!


一如以往,本台首席DJ愛麗絲擔任司儀。當日的表演十分多樣化,首先有從伯明翰南下的Jimmy表演Kpop舞蹈。Jimmy也是華人青年廣播計劃的一員。他多才多藝,除了跳舞,當日他亦在  Charing Cross Road的舞台擔任司儀。


A great show requires great passion. Thanks to the enthusiastic seniors of Chinese Youth Radio getting in to action and taking on the roles of: The Money God (Senior Steven), the lively monkey (Senior Hugo), the scary beast Nian (Senior Eric) and Stage Manager (senior sister Clare). Last but not least, our MC at Wardour Street stage (DJ Alice) and MC at Charing Cross stage (Jimmy). Excellent Job to all!



It’s Jimmy! He doesn’t only hold the microphone; he could dance K-Pop too!


之後,葉問的徒孫,桃李滿門的郭思牧(Samuel Kwok) 大師聯同他的弟子帶來詠春表演,精彩得令在場觀眾看得拍案叫絕。


Live Wing Chun by Grand Master Samuel Kwok and his students. I could still hear the cheering on the day for this amazing performance!




接著是唱歌表演,「歌后」Katie唱出英國著名歌手Adele ‘All I Ask’,「歌王」Alan 則唱了Beyond的「海闊天空」和Bon Jovi ‘Always’,他們的歌聲令在場的觀眾聽得如痴如醉。


Katie’s very touching voice, singing Adele’s- All I ask. 



Alan Chan hitting all them high notes! Singing Beyond-「海闊天空」and Bon Jovi’s - ‘Always’. 




Creative and amusing! The audience loved it! A short memorable play, all directed, narrated and performed by members of Chinese  Youth Radio.




接著,曾經參加Britain's Got Talent 並入圍至準決賽,在英國土生土長的「舞王」Kieran Lai,帶著由他創立的鳳凰舞蹈學校(PHX Academy) 的學生,表演了PoppingKieran 的學生最小的只有八歲,但每位都舞技精湛。


Kieran Lai from  Britain's got talent ! The young British born Chinese dancer and his crew from his very own dance school (PHX  Academy) brings the BGT  feel on stage! One of the dancers was as young as 8 years old and taking on some real moves, so cute!

Performing: ‘popping’






Last performance on the day couldn’t get anymore ‘chinese’. Traditional Chinese New Year songs sung by Monita from London Chinatown  Lion's Club and Mikaylie , member  from Chinese Youth Radio. It was very authentic!



想重溫當日精彩的表演,可以到本電台的Facebook專頁: Spectrum Radio Chinese Programme 觀看影片。

If you’ve missed the performances, you can go on to our Facebook page ‘Spectrum Radio Chinese Programme’ to see the photos and video clips of some performances. 



另外,當日除了在華都街,在Charing Cross Road 亦有慶祝新春的舞台。而本台則派出小編本人,Anne RobinCharing Cross Road擺攤宣傳電台和售賣特製環保袋。群眾反應熾熱,環保袋不足兩小時便售罄,成績喜人。


Not only did we present amazing performances, we also had our little store on Charing Cross road selling tote bags to raise funds for chinese youth radio ! It did so well that it was all gone in 2 hours! Thanks to Robin, Jacqueline and Anne.





Well, this successful show is just the first of 2016, we still have more outdoor show to bring to you this year. The next is Dragon Boat festivalon 26th  June 2016 , so make sure you keep updated with our news and events by checking our website, Facebook page or by listening to our radio station. That way you won’t miss out on the next exciting and fun outdoor show!  




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